21 Sep 2017

Go Noodle

Our class love using Go noodle between lessons to shake things up a bit!

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20 Sep 2017

Flat Stanley

Our class is reading the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. In the book, Stanley gets crushed with a bulletin board. He’s fine, but now he’s flat! Luckily for us, that means he can be folded into an envelope and sent anywhere in the world.

That leads us into a fun geography project with him! The children are coming home today with their own Flat Stanley. You are invited to send or bring Flat Stanley to anyone or anyplace you know for a little adventure. We’re hoping you’ll record that adventure and send Flat Stanley back with any pictures or notes by Friday 27th October 2017.

When they are returned we are looking forward to plotting his adventures on our classroom map!

Picture of all our classes Flat Stanleys before they head off for their adventures outside the classroom!
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18 Sep 2017

Growth Mindset

Today we learnt about having a growth mindset. If everything is too easy for us we are not challenging ourselves. Trying difficult and challenging things helps our minds to grow. We are going to enjoy all the new learning 3rd class brings us this year. 

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15 Sep 2017

Our Art Folders for the year.

The boys finished designing their art folders for the year. These colourful and unique works of art are on display outside our classroom and in the hall. Well done boys! Here's to lots more art to fill them with during the year!

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13 Sep 2017

My Family History - 3rd Class Project for September 2017.

1)    Interview the oldest member of your family. Ideally a grandparent.
2)    Please include a timeline with key events in their lives.  
3)    Please also include a family tree with as much information on it as you can.
4)    Include photos if you can.
5)    Presentation of information in scrapbook.
6)    Deadline Friday 29th September 17.

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9 Sep 2016

Our Class Pet

This year we have are very lucky to have a pet fish called Finn in our classroom. We are going to take great care of Finn and take turns to feed him everyday.

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