17 Nov 2017

Viking Artefacts

Last we we used lacy to create Viking artefacts. This week we painted them. Great job boys!

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The Marrog

We read and recited a poem called the Marrog. We drew the marrog and pretended to be the Marrog in groups. Here's the pics!

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4 Nov 2017

Paintings of the school

Last week we drew our school from observation and this week we painted it. We were only allowed use the primary colours and had to make the secondary colours ourselves! We tried to look at the colours of the school and replicate them! We think they look nice hanging next to the huge painting of the school in the hall.

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Our Minibooks

We finished George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. We are sad it's over because we all really enjoyed reading it! We created our own minibook version of the book with all our work on the book in it.

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Our autobiographies

Our autobiographies have been finished, published and are on display outside our classroom. The boys have completed excellent examples of recount writing. Some of them will be entered into the Write a Book competition in January 2018.

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The Return of Flat Stanley!

Our Flat Stanleys have returned! They all had great adventures in far away places! Some of the countries he traveled to were England, Denmark, Germany, America, Thailand, Hong Kong and even as far as New Zealand! We got lots of photos and letters about what he got up to! Well done Flat Stanley! Nice to have you home again!

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25 Oct 2017

History of Harold Boys' National School

This month we have learnt a lot about the history of our school. We looked at old artefacts of our school; a roll book from 1937, school bell, class photos from 1912 and other years. We went on a history trail and found many things from the past including; the school plaque, the old fireplace, the time capsule... We ended our school history trail in the hall and imagined we were back in the classroom of 1912 through some drama.

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Constructing 3D shapes

Today we made 3D shapes from match sticks and blu tack. They did a great job figuring out how many faces, edges and vertices each shape had.

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23 Oct 2017

3D shapes

This week we are learning about 3D shapes. We went on a 3D shape trail around the school to see if we could find them. Our homework tonight is to identify them at home too.

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